1. 21:14 24th Oct 2013

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  2. Reading…


  3. The atoms in your body are 99.999999999999% empty space…

    None of them are the ones you were born with, and they all originated in the belly of a star.

  4. Happy Birthday JK Rowling!

    Inspiration in the form of her Harvard commencement speech, where she talks about the importance of failure.

    (Source: youtube.com)

  5. Leaning in.

    Leaning in.

  6. Managed to get screencaps of all the @60minutes hacker tweets. 

    The account is now suspended.

    So yeah, that happened.

    * use my pics, credit your source xo

  7. Phantom text is creepy.

    Phantom text is creepy.

  8. "BlaBlaMeter unmasks without mercy how much bullshit hides in any text."

  9. In 2005 Chuck Palahniuk began submitting original writing essays on craft to his official fan site ChuckPalahniuk.net. 36 essays later and Chuck had amassed a wealth of knowledge on his readers; tools and writing tenants that could fill a book…

  10. I’m not saying we should do it. I’m saying we ought to know that it’s an option. People should understand that simply exercising their rights would shake the foundations of our justice system which works only so long as we accept its terms.”